The gender-neutral campaign has gone too far, and is now posing a threat to children

Published on 9 May 2021 at 14:17

By Jonny Sprinz

Photo credit: Brasil de Fato

Call me homophobic, bigoted or whatever you like, but the gender-neutral campaign, which has taken society by storm, has go too far.


When a child is born, they are born with either XX chromosomes, thus making them a female, or they are born with XY chromosomes, thus making them a male. There is no XXY or YXY, and this is not opinion, this is a scientific fact.


Now, I certainly do agree that there is still a lot of sexist beliefs in the world, and this of course is not acceptable. Children are entitled to play with whatever toys they want. A toy is a form of joy, irrespective of gender or colour or any other factor. Pictures and comments printed on clothes shouldn’t reduce young females to the way they look, and nobody should ever be excluded from something because of their gender. However, that does not mean to say that campaigns for gender neutrality aren’t going too far.


Now the gender-neutral take-over is being heavily pushed and emphasised by liberal politicians and supporters - their irrationality being proven once again. John Lewis have now removed ‘girls’ or ‘boys ’ labelling from their clothes, but what is the a problem with identifying ourselves as a girl or a boy, after all you are either born a boy or a girl, so why can’t you style clothes for men’s taste and women’s taste? Of course, women can wear the same tops as men and vice versa, but the reason there is a ‘men’s” label, is because your average man is bigger than your average woman, meaning the clothes are made to fit one of those two genders, not because they hate trans women and trans lives.


We must stop using children as political weapons. Kids should see their anatomy as relevant and as something to be cherished, not something to feel shameful or redundant about. There is enough for the developing, young brains of children to understand and realise without worrying that actually although born as a girl they should have been born with a penis, because that’s what the liberals are telling me. Kids should be left alone when they are developing, and if they decide in the future, they are attracted to the same sexual group, then so be it, but we as a society should absolutely not be forcing our kids to reject scientific facts, that they have been born as a boy or a girl, because at the end of the day, you can only be born as a male or female.


A source on, a parenting forum stated, “Try to acknowledge the presence of those gender norms online, and you're sure to be ripped apart”. This is absolutely terrible, the fact that you cannot publicly call yourself or your child by what they are, without these extremist liberals coming after you, using their favourite cancel-culture-esque strategies, is a worrying situation.


Even our toys should be ashamed to be called one of only two real genders. Mr Potato Head was recently stripped of his male title and is now “gender-neutral”. The same is happening with kids in society. They are born a man or a woman, but they are being stripped of this identity, is being a biological gender not as important as a fictional one, seems rather ironic if you ask me.

This obsession with being ‘politically correct’, pushed so brutally by the left supposedly to make life better for people is doing the opposite. We are destroying all normality, all sanity. How is it possible that to identify your male child as male, is now deemed inappropriate? The mind has to wonder what the consequences of these crazy views will be, and whether or not there will be a fight back from the right, which there so desperately needs to be.


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