The left is suppressing freedom of speech by de-platforming right-wing voices

Published on 9 May 2021 at 14:15

By Jonny Sprinz

"Free speech = reason = progress" by sjgibbs80

De-platforming is being used by the left to erode away the voice of the right through educational institutes, posing a huge threat to free speech and democracy.


It is imperative to consider what exactly de-platforming is. De-platforming is a form of political activism, whereby a person or group prevents another speaker from expressing their views, which can be done online, but occurs most frequently in the real world in educational systems, something the left have been using to remove right-leaning views from being represented in both educational institutes and society.  


De-platforming is leading to a vast array of negative consequences, including the inability to debate and it is a serious threat to peoples’ right to freedom of speech and democracy. As argued in ‘The Fragility of Free Speech’ (Shackel, 2013): “the embarrassing truth, the refuting argument, is met with ‘but you can’t say that’ whilst graver sins against rational debate, sins of dishonesty and sophistry, are allowed to pass”. Nothing better could sum up what the left are striving to achieve. One cannot express an opinion, even through statistical analysis without these extremists rampaging through our educational faculties, ridiculing speakers who put forward right-leaning views or simply banning them from holding lectures because these views are a form of enlightenment for students and the public to see the extremism and irrationality of left-wing views being preached in our educational systems.


Students are being ripped away from the ability to debate as they have not been exposed to the realism of a political situation, that there are indeed more than one side to a story – more than one explanation for political or societal issue; this problem is seriously concerning. A recent article which addresses the issue of de-platforming in UK universities informs us that: “universities and students’ unions, found almost two thirds (63.5%) were ‘severely’ restrictive of free speech, with more than 30 per cent given an ‘amber’ warning”. (Pells, 2017).


Our future generations are being nullified. They do not have the ability to debate, nor the ability to put forward arguments in a sensible manner. These left-wing injustices, are subduing the voice of those who provide an alternative view are being condemned to silence, their fundamental right to free speech is being retracted – and most importantly, as the world watches, how can we truly claim to be a democratic society when our educational system is corrupted, and more and more young and experienced speakers find their voice is no longer included in those being represented, demonstrating how the de-platforming of speakers by left poses a grave danger not only towards free speech and democracy, but to the future of our nation.

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