The Democrats are the party of censorship

Published on 9 May 2021 at 14:14

By Harry Hughes

"Grassroots Fundraiser with Vice President Biden and Senator Harris - Wilmington, DE - August 12, 2020" by Biden For President 

The American left has broken with centuries of free speech tradition purely to win at politics. 


Since the Biden/Harris administration began it has often been joked that the American left no longer has anyone left to blame for all the evils in the world up to and including obesity, racism, war, and pulled muscles in the gym, since the electoral eviction of Donald Trump from office. The left no longer has any credibility when it comes to their whinging of the former President’s infantile barking at whichever media corporations in America stood in opposition to his policies and general behaviour, meaning almost all of them.


During the years of the Trump administration, having reversed on their previous centuries long commitment to freedom of speech, the Left launched vile attack after attack on any celebrities, critics or other public figures whom deviated from their narrow flavour-of-the-month cultural dogma, often on charges of intolerance almost entirely fabricated or so separated from any instance of genuine hatred and ignorance that the accusations themselves could be described as nothing other than frontier justice. This was but one face of the mainstream left’s campaigns to censor dissent against their views as they dared anyone to take issue with any deletion of the social media accounts of various commentators for violations of their nebulous guidelines which ranged from the shocking to the frivolous. The only superficial appearance of their traditional opposition to censorship came in the mainstream Left’s greatly overemphasised shock at Trump’s constant mudslinging contests with the mass media of the United States, summed up in the now famous tagline: “you are fake news”. Prompting a shower of deflective vitriol at the administration, claiming that this too was behaviour which had leapt straight from the pages of Mein Kampf - surprised?  


Regardless of the whinging attempt to draw attention away from their own erosion of free expression, something which the left abhorred little more than a decade ago, their latest calls to “rein in” media outlets and companies whose views differ from their own utterly dwarfs whatever assault on freedom of speech they pretended was represented by the former President. What’s more is that it also demonstrates amongst much else that they are in fact not against censorship at all. To claim to be against any malpractice of government whilst one’s own party isn’t in government and these practices are said to be negatively applied to one’s own interested party, only to then zealously engage in a dangerously authentic form of practices oneself merely demonstrates that the mainstream American left approves greatly of censorship, as long as it remains strictly embedded in their own control and according to their dictates and partisan beliefs. After all, everyone is always for their own freedom to speak, but whether or not they extend such a right to others, decides their true convictions.


Whilst prominent members of the Democratic Party such as representative Ocasio-Cortez, who is most likely here to stay it seems, go on these same corporate media outlets who criticised Trump’s mudslinging with them as being akin to Nazi Germany, and call for the immediate and far reaching censorship of any political actors or commentators they would deem connected to the shameful storming of the Capitol building on January 6th. This chiefly operates on the false and partisan line of thinking that every participant of that vulgar act of violence was an extreme far-right racist lost-causer and as such, everyone who held reservations about the United States’ election outcome was an extreme far-right racist and so too is anyone who leant right of centre, everyone who believes the conflation of all these different and not at all packaged lines of thought and everyone who finds this vulgar act of death by association as well. From this should therefore be the complete censorship of any right of centre media outlet all in the name of combatting ‘misinformation’, an abuse of semantics resulting in subjective and arguable political and ideological beliefs being sunken under the weight of objective incorrectness and abject immorality.


It is frankly staggering how such cliched and transparently cynical such justifications for censorship are and yet almost completely unchallenged in mainstream society. The veil of morality used to justify them, however indignant, could not be thinner. The blatantly partisan censorship proposals being made by the mainstream left in America carry the risk of categorically unbalancing the political divide even further and further embitter the partisan fissures in society which are the true cause of its current turbulence. What’s more is that it wouldn’t be due to a lack of opportunity or ability that such censorship was enacted, simply complacency and cowardice to challenge and deny such inane authoritarian sentiment.

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