The fall of Prince Harry

Published on 9 May 2021 at 14:10

By Curtis Moore

"Prince Harry of Wales Arlington visit" by DVIDSHUB

Many have lost faith in our once great prince as he appears to be submitting to the demands of his overly liberal wife.


Prince Harry. An international superstar and proud member of the Royal Family – or at least he was. Once upon a time.


Harry was always the joker of the family. He may have attended Eton, but he only managed to achieve two A-Levels (a ‘B’ In Art and a ‘D’ in Geography). You think with that much private schooling one could hope to achieve better grades. This didn’t matter to Harry.


He was the second born of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, meaning that it was highly unlikely he was ever going to be king. Due to this, he took a more relaxed position towards his responsibilities as a royal. But nonetheless, he was still seen as ‘The People’s Prince’. He was someone that the masses could relate to. From your favourite landlord to the local MP. Harry was liked by the public and he fulfilled his eligible bachelor role with ease.


However, he took ownership of his duty. He served in the British army as a JTAC for ten whole years, even rising to the rank of captain – a role he took very seriously. This, coupled with his playful humour and charming manner, only furthered his great reputation with his subjects.


But something changed within Harry. Something called Meghan Markle. Meghan was an American socialite, divorcee, and part-time actress. She was the ultimate social-climber, and it was clear that she had her eye on nobility. Since Harry has shacked up with Meghan he has decided to step down from his duty as a royal. Essentially abdicating, living the life of luxury without any of the responsibility.


Many would argue that she is disliked based on her mixed heritage and Jewish ancestry. The calls of ‘racism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ are thrown around to explain why the people do not take to her. This is a lazy argument. People do not like her because they see her as domineering. Harry has changed into a man that none of us recognise any more. After abandoning Queen and country, the public has lost a lot of respect for him. They get the impression that he is ‘under the thumb’, submitting to the demands of his nagging wife. He had never shown any signs of wanting to leave the family before.


He has become a bad role-model for young men. Apparently, it is okay to abandon your values or beliefs when the right woman comes along. This is a great reflection of the times in which we live. Times where men are more depressed than ever. Times where they are told that their innate behaviour is toxic. A time when many men are abandoning the prospect of relationships all together.


Come back to us Harry. We will forgive you. But find a nice one like William did.


God Save The Queen.

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