If you have any queries about The Right Report UK, or about our content, please contact us via email: rightreport.uk@gmail.com


If you would like to write for us, whether you wish to become a permanent member of the writing team or want to send in an article submission, please refer below to the requirements for our comment pieces, and email your submissions for our Editor to review. 


Article submissions to The Right Report UK:

Writing experience is not mandatory for sending in comment piece submissions. Many guest writers for our 'Have Your Say' section, and members of our team, did not have much previous experience prior to having articles published by us. However, it helps - so if you do have experience writing for other publications, let us know in your article submission. 


We also want to know more about you. Tell us why you want to write for us, why you are the right person to write about your chosen topic and what makes you stand out from other writers. 


Though we may decline an article submission, we will work with you to improve your writing and help it fit the style of The Right Report UK - so if we do decline a submission, don't feel afraid to send in other articles for publication. 


Comment pieces should be no shorter than 500 words and ideally no longer than 800-900 words at the maximum; though some exceptions may be made. Articles must also include a sub-title to accompany the title of your piece. Where quotations, statistics or other forms of evidence for your argument are used, please hyperlink sources in your submissions. 


To understand our house writing style, please read some of our articles in the 'Comment' section. 


*All submissions are voluntary and will be unpaid.