The left’s obsession over Donald Trump is sad

By William Hallowell | Editor

Even after his defeat to Biden, the hard-left continuously seek to damage Trump’s reputation as much as possible with a brand new court case.


On Friday it was reported that a civil rights group are suing the controversial former US President for close to $23 million for adopting the divisive term, the ‘China Virus’, in reference to Covid-19. The Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition blame Donald Trump for causing an increase in racism and discrimination towards America’s Asian community as a result of him coining the aforementioned phrase - only a few months ago the ‘anti-racism’ movement ‘Stop Asian Hate’ spread across social media following the death of the Black Lives Matter trend.


This move – however it is dressed up – is not motivated by seeking social justice or stamping out racism. It is part of the ongoing attempt by the ‘woke’ liberal left to degrade Trump’s character, amid widespread allegations of sexism, homophobia and transphobia – as a well as racism. These are the same allegations attributed to any right-wing politician in attempts to limit any possibility of winning power. This move is motivated by politics, and by the desire to see as much harm come to Trump’s contentious reputation as possible – it is nothing short of defamation.


Even since Trump’s (fair) election defeat to Biden, the left have sought to continue to damage his name as much as possible and has been accused of inciting events that he should not be held responsible for. It is hardly objective to condemn Trump for the seizing of the Capitol.


Many blamed the language he used on social media, for which he was permanently banned from Facebook and Twitter, for being accused of 'inciting' the violence, because of phrases such as "if you don't fight like hell you're not going to have a country anymore" and "we will never give up, we will never concede". Yet, he also said "peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard". What Trump actually said, and how his supporters interpreted his words must not be confused. Whilst there is little evidence of voter fraud, despite his claims, his lawyers defended his words by saying he spoke "figuratively" - of course he did. 


The left are clutching at straws. Many politicians, regardless of their party politics, use similar vocabulary to rally their supporters. Does Boris Johnson plan to invade Brussels because of Vote Leave's infamous Brexit slogan, 'Take Back Control'? No. It’s just harmless political rhetoric. It is simply the case that Trump is not held to same standards as other politicians.


It seems when discussing racism in the US, Trump could almost be the dictionary definition of it, going by people’s interpretations of him; yet, the left turn a blind eye to President Biden’s remarks about “poor kids [being] just as bright and just as talented as white kids” among other racist remarks not covered widely by the mainstream media.


By no means do I defend Trump as a supporter. I certainly do not endorse him, and dislike Biden to the same extent. However, objectively, Trump cannot be held responsible for the recent rise in racism towards Asian people – even in the UK, Asian people have faced prejudice as a result of the pandemic. The only reasonable explanation for a rise in racism directed at Asian people during a global health crisis, which began in China, is the virus itself. Is it racist to refer to the Spanish Flu as the Spanish Flu? Or to name the Covid-19 variant which began in Kent, the 'Kent variant'?


To point the finger at Trump over this is a feeble and pathetic party-political attack – not a fair one; not a social justice one; and certainly, not an objective one. What is objective, is that Trump is simply not held to the same standards as a politician, to those that lean left. Had Biden adopted the phrase, the ‘China Virus’, a blind eye would most certainly be turned.


Image credit: Gage Skidmore

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