Election day in bonny Scotland

By B. William Alexander 

An SNP majority is inevitable, but what are the other options for the people of Scotland on 'Super Thursday'?


Today we Scots, alike the English and Welsh go to the polls. Here in Scotland an SNP majority is almost guaranteed in the Scottish Parliament. The Tories stopped the anti-nationalists last time but that was with Ruth Davidson at the helm. Not Dougie. Davidson, even to fervent nationalists, is admittedly a respectable opposition; however, Mr Ross, not so much. I have little doubt his tiresome approach to opposing the independence issue over the last months will have single handily won the SNP the votes required for the majority they so dearly seek. Even speaking to folks of the Unionist persuasion I get a lack lustre or blatantly negative response regarding his leadership. Usually topped off by a call for Ruth Davidson’s official return. Despite this, I am under no illusion that the Tories will not get a substantial amount of the vote. It has been debated whether they will be the opposition due to Anas Sarwar’s concise showing as Scottish Labour leader, but Unionists will go with what stopped the SNP last time. Labour have been all too lenient towards our cause of independence in the eyes of many a unionist. So while I think it may be close, the Tories will be the official opposition.


My first vote will be going to the SNP, purely for independence, certainly not for their disgusting campaign promises they have made which includes ‘free’ iPads, bikes, laptops and more. My second vote however will be going to Tam Laird’s Scottish Libertarian Party. Why? Well mainly because none of the parties you will see represented on the TV debates are in any way alarmed by the amount of tax, specifically income tax, the Scottish people pay. That is because all of them would be happy as Larry to increase it even further. As far as I am aware, only the Tories have called for any tax cuts and it was for the wealthy, not the ones so immediately effected by state theft. The Scots peoples are currently heading towards becoming one of the highest taxed nations in the western world. It could not possibly be a bad thing for Scots to put people in parliament who would oppose further taxation and demand it be lessened. Tax and independence are the most important issues in Scottish politics and the Libertarians address them both.


The Greens are set to be the biggest party after the SNP, Tories and Labour as they predict a massive increase in support. The Greens co-leaders (how Green I know) Lorna Slater and Patrick Harvie have undoubtedly been the best communicators over the course of the election campaign. By that I mean they were essentially the only party who routinely cited their manifesto in their arguments and statements. People respond to those who strive to make their ideas clear, so while I could never in good conscience give the Greens my vote, many today in Scotland will. They have also had the best campaign slogan with ‘Vote like our future depends on it’. There is no doubt their principle ideas of climate awareness, euro-dependence, universal basic income (UBI) and centralisation of the trains and buses has permeated the minds of Scots.


Conversely moving from the far left to the social conservative option, The Scottish Family Party, headed by Richard Lucas. This party have faced the most abuse of the entire election, even more than Alex Salmond and his Alba party. Take one look at their YouTube channel and you would see that it is all completely unjustified. A minority of Scots have suddenly forgotten what the terms democracy, free speech and fascist mean. Because apparently for taking part in the first and expressing the second the family party are the third. The irony is unreal but as Sir Billy said: "hypocrisy is the vaseline of political intercourse" - especially from those on the supposed 'left'. I do not agree with the core of the policies they lay out but by no means does that give me or anyone the right to slander them. There are rumours they may win the regional seat for the highlands and islands although if they do, I cannot see them winning many more. This is what makes peoples objection to their existence so irrational because the majority of the beliefs they hold are categorically not popular in any political sense in this country, so why draw attention to them by telling mostly lies about them, giving them the perfect platform to outline their actual point and in turn probably winning them more votes than it costs them? If your going to take them on, debate. However, I fear this may be another word the minority have failed to grasp. 


In summary get ready to see an SNP majority eclipsed by an independence majority of great proportion. A Tory opposition supported by their shy unionist friends Anas Sarwar and his pal Willie Rennie (Scottish Liberal Democrats). Sprinkled throughout however, will hopefully be some smaller parties working to represent all the views of the people of Scotland. Good luck to Plaid Cymru and all their candidates hoping to make a breakthrough in their struggle in Wales and in England. I look forward to Jill Mortimer winning the Hartlepool constituency from Labour.


Enjoy expressing your suffrage, there’s still many who cannot, remember that.


Image credit: Scottish Government

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