The factors in Daunte Wright’s death which have been conveniently left out to suit the ‘racial oppression’ narrative

By William Hallowell | Editor

Another black man has been killed by police in America, but that doesn’t make it racially motivated – nor does it make the victim innocent.


Earlier this week a twenty-year-old black man was shot and killed by a policewoman in the US. As of Wednesday evening, the BBC reports that she is to be charged with second-degree manslaughter, due to the fatal shooting of Wright.


Many, especially on the left side of politics, have been quick to jump to conclusions – the police officer is yet to be charged, and she has already received her trial by media. People have said he was ‘murdered’. People have said that because the police officer was white and the victim was black, it must have been racially motivated, and she must have so obviously be a racist.


This comes after almost a year on from the infamous death of African-American George Floyd, who was allegedly murdered after a police officer apprehended him on suspicion of committing a criminal offence – the trial for which, is only just underway. Since then it seems nothing has changed. Scenes of violence, looting and vandalism in America, which were met with aggressive police responses, have clearly done nothing to fight this subjective and manipulated narrative that all black people are ‘oppressed’ and all white people are the ‘oppressors’ – a narrative taught through Critical Race Theory, a Marxist concept that has been weaponised by the far-left, which includes the BLM organisation, to forward their ‘abolitionist’ utopia.


It seems this narrative that keyboard warriors have fought in favour of – which teaches that the state holds inherent and deliberate biases against ethnic minorities - has just been reignited. One delusional women wrote on social media that black people – in the US – are victims of ‘genocide’. How undermining for real victims of oppression and genocide.


The issue is that with the selective narrative, comes selective facts. Several far-left, pro-BLM pages on social media have been quick to condemn the police and victimise a man who was pulled over for a ‘traffic violation’ which led to the officers at the scene learning of an outstanding arrest warrant under his name, and who resisted arrest and tried to drive away, when he was shot. There has been little mention of these facts. There was also no mention of the visual evidence – as seen on the policewoman’s bodycam footage – that she 'accidently' drew her firearm as Wright attempted to drive away, when she meant to reach for her taser (for context, officers carry their handgun on their dominant hand’s side and their taser on the other).


It was also evident, from the bodycam footage, that she shouts – as understood to be good practice and procedure – “Taser! Taser! Taser!” Clearly, in the swift chain of events that unfolded, it would seem she did accidentally draw her handgun, rather than her taser. Even when he was shot, and was beginning to drive away, the officer panicked and said "I just shot him” to her colleagues. Even if she was intentionally reaching for her firearm, she is unlikely to fire a single round, but pull the trigger several times; yet from the footage it seems clear that her finger only pulls the trigger once, as expected if you're firing a taser. 


It would be ludicrous to justify the death of Daunte Wright by saying he may have committed a traffic offence, or that he had resisted arrest despite having an outstanding arrest warrant, and thus tried to flee. Any of these facts are not a good justification for the shooting of a civilian in his circumstance; manslaughter seems like a fair enough charge. But to say this was a racially motivated attack, with no evidence; to say this was a demonstration of the ongoing ‘oppression’ of black people in America by the state, is absolutely unsubstantiated, just as much as the claim that George Floyd’s death was racially motivated is. It was violent, and unjust, but a black victim and a white police officer doesn’t, in any world where critical thought and pragmatism applies, make any sense. There are so many more factors to consider in this shooting than just putting it down to being 'racially motivated' just because a black person was killed by a white police officer.


Regardless, protests have already begun. These protests will escalate. Just like the Black Lives Matter movement last summer, the rioting will begin, the violence will ensue, innocent people’s businesses will be vandalised by these uncivilised, angry, wannabe-anarchist undesirables, and the cycle starts again. This is all in the name of an ideology which coerces people into submitting, and if they don’t, slap them with the 'racist' card.

Image credit: Geoff Livingston

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