The UK is not the US, and rioters need to stop pretending it is

By William Hallowell | Editor

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Peacefully protest by all means, that is the right of all who enjoy democracy - but trying to recreate the scenes in America over the last year is totally regressive. 


The scenes in Bristol last night did absolutely nothing for peaceful protesting. Instead, it gave Priti Patel and the police more of a reason to pass her controversial Bill which will restrain the abilities to protest in the UK. The rioting, the burning of police vehicles and the "broken arms and ribs" suffered by police officers in Bristol over the "Kill the Bill" supposed 'protest', gives the Home Secretary even more reason for passing this legislation. 


As some have pointed out on social media, all that will be achieved from last night is an excuse from the police to crackdown on 'protests' that are supposedly peaceful, yet turn to violent rioting. Creating chaos, anarchy and civil disobedience will do absolutely nothing for the cause of many genuine peaceful protestors, whose voice have been over-ridden by anarchists setting fire to police vans and vandalising local buildings with slogans such as 'All Cops Are Bastards'. All that will result from this is more boots on the ground, more patrolling and potentially even harsher legislation for everyone, including those who have genuinely peacefully protested against the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, that with Boris' large majority, will most likely make its way towards Royal Assent - despite rumours of another Tory backbench rebellion. 


In a civilised society, there is no place for rioting - especially in a country governed by a right-wing government and a Thatcherite Home Secretary. Priti Patel, whether you love her or hate her, is no push over. Given the current circumstances, she is what the country needs. When civil disobedience gets out of hand, she will simply crackdown harder on those who resort to abhorrent violence against the heroes that protect our streets. There is absolutely no sane justification for violence against out brave policemen and women who protect us from thuggery and criminality. 


As for scenes in London earlier in the week, protestors seen continuously trying to vandalise monuments of our British heroes, chiefly Sir Winston Churchill, do absolutely nothing for the cause of the peaceful protestors and other law-abiding citizens. Sadly, peaceful protestors, whether in Bristol or London or anywhere else across the UK, have been plagued - they have been tarnished with the same brush as the violent, thuggish 'protestors' who use causes like this to advance their own looney-left agenda. They did it with BLM. They did it with Sarah Everard. Now, they are doing it with the protests against this new Bill. 


This obsession with the need to vandalise the memorials of our great past leaders, such as Sir Churchill, serve practically no purpose other than to wind up the right - and with a right-wing wing government, this just won't play out well. Frankly, it is totally regressive to the cause to stop this new Bill from achieving Royal Assent, which it most likely will. Not only do the events in Bristol on Sunday evening give the government more reason to enforce the increasing 'authoritarian' powers, but it also gives reason for the rest of the public to condemn, shame and oppose the cause of the protestors - whether it be the rioters or the peaceful demonstrators whose cause has been hijacked by Marxists. 


It seems the far-left are trying to replicate scenes observed in the US throughout the past year. One thing that makes the UK one of the best countries in the world is that we are not America. We do not have a 'Second Amendment' that allows all the 'right to bear arms' which, in a civilised society, is unnecessary. We do not have frequent riots that descend into chaos and dilute the intellectual political discourse that would be more beneficial to society than attacking police officers, smashing in windows and burning police vehicles. The violence seen in America towards the establishment and the police has, as it will ultimately in the UK, achieve nothing, other than for the British establishment to use current events to increase police power however authoritarian it may be perceived to be. 

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