The anti-monarchists don't care about Meghan

By William Hallowell | Editor 

Photo credit: Office of the Governor-General

This royal family drama is being taken advantage of by anti-monarchists to put forward their own agenda.


It is incredibly convenient that Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on International Women's Day. For the last two weeks or so, the media has been hyping it up and getting the public excited for this very controversial interview after abdicating to America. An official trailer was released alongside what can only be described as 'teasers' as if this two hour discussion was some up and coming Hollywood epic. I cannot recall the last time I saw a trailer for an interview.


Yesterday Twitter was overloaded with '#abolishthemonarchy' and on Instagram we had entertainment pages posting pictures of Meghan with captions such as 'Happy International Women's Day'. Is Meghan Markle really a good representative of women, or is she being used by anti-monarchists - and generally left-leaning people - to tarnish the reputation of the monarchy? Off the top of my head, two representatives of women come to mind who have done far more for women, then a self-victimising, attention-seeking, privileged Duchess. Firstly, Emily Davison, the suffragette who threw herself under a horse - and in doing so killing herself - to protest for women's rights in a time of patriarchy. Secondly, a more contemporary example: Malala - a brave, heroic young girl who has fought for the right for women and girls to receive an education in Afghanistan where women are truly oppressed - even to the point that she was shot in the head by the Taliban for standing up for the right to an education. Yet, there was little mention of brave women like this yesterday. Instead, social and mainstream media was dominated by Meghan Markle and her victim complex.


Much like the radical BLM took advantage of the death of George Floyd, British anti-monarchists have taken it upon themselves to use Meghan Markle as an excuse to badmouth the monarchy, to harm its reputation. They don't care for Meghan - they don't care for her 'mental health'. This is an opportunity - as many sought to take full advantage of - to, like BLM did, use the race card. Meghan suggested in her interview with Oprah that racism was endemic within the royal family, and that there were 'concerns' over how 'dark' baby Archie would be - yet, she failed to attribute a name to the accusation. If she wanted to be so open by condemning racism within the family, why not care to give a name? By not doing so her claim is completely discredited. 


For a woman who demanded privacy, despite knowing what comes along with the job as a working royal, it seemed odd that she would sign a Netflix deal, start a Spotify podcast, and be interviewed publicly - an interview that she knew would be divisive in the British press and public. She also made reference to suicidal thoughts - something which is very personal. For a woman who demanded privacy it should utterly outrageous that she would complain to Oprah Winfrey about something so private by announcing it to quite literally the whole world in order to entertain the anti-monarchists. 


She wants us to feel sorry for her through her loathsome self-victimisation, but given the context of the last twelve months, it seems hard to feel sorry for someone who can only bluntly be described as a champagne socialist. Her moaning about how hard her life is makes a mockery of real struggles. Some families in the UK have to decide between heating or feeding their children, yet they have to see a Duchess whinging on international television about how hard her life is. 


This whole saga is described no better than by Peter Capaldi's portrayal as Malcolm Tucker in his speech in the penultimate episode of 'The Thick of It'.   

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