Thank you, Nigel Farage

By Harry Thompson

"MEPs lay out their input for the upcoming European Council - with Nigel Farage" by European Parliament

After 30 years in frontline politics, Nigel Farage is stepping down. He leaves behind great accomplishments.


From Tory rebellion to the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage has had a political career that many can only dream of.  It all began in the early 90s. Farage left the Conservative Party after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. He is a man that has stuck by his beliefs for his whole career and ended up with his goal being achieved. He became a founder of the United Kingdom Independence Party in 1993 and launched a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union. Farage became an MEP in 1999 and was continuously re-elected until 2019, the last European election held in Britain. He achieved the leadership of UKIP twice from 2006-2016. However, he had many unsuccessful runs at becoming an MP, but UKIP achieved the third largest popular vote in the 2015 General Election with 12.6% of the vote. Eventually, it all paid off in 2016 when the UK held a referendum on the European Union with 52% voting leave.


Farage has had his hilarious moments and various mishaps. He scared many people in 2010 when he was involved in a plane crash while flying a ‘Vote UKIP’ banner. There was also the time when UKIP forgot to put its party name on the London mayoral ballot paper. His outings to the European Parliament were sometimes enough to make even the dullest of people have a chuckle, like the time when he and a fellow Brexit Party MEP stood up and waved Union Flags with ties to match. Or when he asked Herman van Rompuy, “Who are you?” There is also the time that he gave an explosive speech on his long-standing campaign to leave the EU when he delivered memorable remarks such as, “You all laughed at me, well I have to say, you’re not laughing now, are you?” He has made many TV appearances and I hope he continues to play an active role in speaking out on issues that matter. My personal favourite TV appearance was when a cheeky woman had her daughter say that Mr. Farage “hates foreigners” - clearly a typical remoaner.


Reform UK released Nigel’s open letter on Saturday evening. In the letter, Nigel talks about his great achievements such as helping remove Mrs. May from office or his great 2019 win in the European elections. His opinion polls on his party helped influence the Conservatives under Boris Johnson. He did also address the failures of Johnson’s recent Brexit deal such as the issues with Northern Ireland and fisherman. He talked about how he never intended to run for any political office but felt he needed to, and thank the lord he did. He will be taking up Honorary President of Reform UK and wished the best of luck to Richard Tice, his friend and the new leader of Reform UK.


Ultimately, the legacy of Nigel Farage is legendary and he is, without a doubt, one of the greatest politicians in British history. Mr Farage achieved something no one would’ve believed and we owe him our profound gratitude for our sovereignty.


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