The woke mob grips America

By Harry Thompson 

"Grassroots Fundraiser with Vice President Biden and Senator Harris - Wilmington, DE - August 12, 2020" by Biden For President

An analysis of the ‘For The People Act’.


The United States’ House of Representatives has recently passed the Bill known as ‘H.R.1’. This Bill will help the Democratic Party remain in control of the House, Senate and the White House. H.R.1 requires every single person that is eligible to vote to be registered by a chief election official in each state, which operates on a system similar to that of NHS organ donation. The main issue with this piece of legislation is that it opens the doors to mass ballot harvesting and fraudulent elections. We already saw a massive number of irregularities in the 2020 election, mainly down to the use of mass absentee ballots. Voters can register on the same day as the election which in turn means that certain counties needed to win could change when the outlook is negative for a Democrat.


Also included in the Bill is making election day a national holiday. This would make employers have to provide leave to their employees in order for them to spend 5 minutes of their day ticking a box. This could enact a larger voter turnout, but is ultimately pointless as everyone who wants to vote, does.


The history of this Bill is far more woke than its current state, thankfully. The Bill originally included the statehood for the district of Columbia. Washington D.C. was originally built so that the capital would not be a state in order to avoid any conflict over which state hosted to government. Making it a state would cause anger between state officials and governors and it would also provide the Democratic Party with more electoral votes as D.C. is overwhelmingly Blue. It was an incredibly partisan attempt at power grabbing. Let it be noted that the bill did not automatically make D.C. a state but it gave congress the power to do so.


This legislation also had rallying support back in 2019, when the Bill was first put on the House floor, to make anyone as young as 16 able to vote in federal elections. This proposition was incredibly radical and would just give Democrats the power they so desire to remain in control of the federal government. We all know that younger people tend to be more liberal as they have not yet experienced the world as a taxpayer. They have never had a real job and they have not got any experience in life. The proposition of lowering the voting age to 16 is just as bad as raising it to 21. Both propositions would give one side control.


Another part to this Act is the requirement for presidential and vice-presidential candidates to show the last ten years of their income tax returns. This could lead to public support dropping and possibly scandals. This aspect of the Bill is probably the only remotely acceptable part as it would bring more transparency to elections and would allow voters to form more developed opinions of a candidate.


Overall, the ‘For The People Act’ is a partisan power grab to the Democrats and the federal government. It opens the gate to ballot harvesting and election fraud. We can only hope that this woke Bill does not pass the senate, which is leaning Democrat.


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