BLM: 'When we say defund the police, we mean abolition'

By William Hallowell | Editor

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"Abolition is getting rid of the police, prisons and jails, surveillance and courts" - if this isn't a proud display of extremism, what is?


After the death of African-American, George Floyd, at the beginning of the pandemic, 'anti-racism' group Black Lives Matter campaigned and protested in his honour. The movement spread from America and rapidly across the globe, gaining support far and wide in a fight against police brutality and systemic racism - nobody could fault it; until a 'social justice' movement became a political organisation seeking extremist reform, calling to 'defund the police' and standing for 'anti-capitalism'. 


The organisation insisted that 'defund' doesn't mean abolish, and that this was in no way a modern attempt at Marxism. It has caused an even bigger divide between the already polarised left and right-wing. To oppose BLM was seen as 'racism' - but at what point does a campaign against racist police brutality become an organisation with a radical political agenda for change. 


On Tuesday 23 February, BLM released a statement from their official Twitter account: "When we say #DefundThePolice, we mean abolition" and called for "radical imagination". The abolition and dramatic reduction of state power in favour of the people. This is Marxism and extremist.

The video shared in the tweet was by one of Black Lives Matter's founders. She is a proudly self-proclaiming 'abolitionist'. I think this is a vague and more light-hearted attempt at calling herself extremist - because clearly she is. In the video she calls for "abolition" by "getting rid of the police, prisons and jails, surveillance and courts" - delusional. 


The concept of defunding the police was bad enough, but how can a call for mass reduction of state power be justified with supposed social justice? This isn't even an attempt to reform aspects of the state or institution. This movement is led by hippies who want to set up their own commune! How else can a state with no police, prisons or courts be described? No law enforcement? No criminal justice system? This is quite the opposite to what is supposedly a 'social justice' movement. 


Last June, Nigel Farage was sacked from his spot on LBC when he compared BLM to the Taliban after they pulled down Edward Colston's statue in Bristol. Perhaps this is quite hyperbolic, but one thing that BLM and the Taliban do have in common is their hatred for Britain and our liberal, democratic values. 


The leaders of Black Lives Matter are extremists. Its devout supporters are extremists. It seems those who were taken advantage of - the peaceful protestors and social media keyboard warriors - were naïve to defend what was apparently such an innocent, anti-racism group. Not only were its supporters taken advantage of, but the victims of police brutality - chiefly George Floyd himself. These power-starved militants took advantage of a man's death and used it as an excuse to put forward their own selfish agenda which would see no criminals punished; no law and order. This is nothing short of an attempt at anarchy. 

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8 months ago

It’s quite clear you didn’t take the time to critically assess her video before posting this disparaging piece. Nothing in her video creates a link, nor references to any marxist or anti-capitalist rhetoric, yet your piece extrapolates this short video to a larger decentralised movement.

While I do not self identify as a marxist, leftist or socialist, and I remain critical of the Black Lives Matter Organisation at times, this post is entirely in bad faith.

It’s clear you didn’t take much time to delve into some of the topics discussed by this video which diametrically oppose your anarchist agenda.

Majority of the video is not spent talking about destruction, anarchy but rather solutions—where would money that’s being spent in policing be better used for our communities?

How could we create a fairer more equitable justice system than we have here. It’s not about destruction it’s about change, systemic change.

There is nothing delusional about that or her post, I’d advice you take the time to watch it properly.