Can you be a feminist and support the cause to dilute gender identity?

By William Hallowell | Editor 

"2018.10.22 We Won't Be Erased - Rally for Trans Rights, Washington, DC USA 06836" by tedeytan

To what extent will the erosion of gender identity for the sake of a minority have more of a negative impact on women than men?


The war on - and between - genders in society is being made progressively worse. The modern liberal left movement seems to be doing everything in its power to erode the meaning of gender identity and expression. Arguably, this will harm women and the achievements of the feminist movement of the twentieth century, far more than it will men. The latest in this battle, trying to accommodate a tiny - yet loud and frustratingly influential - minority, is within the NHS.


The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust has decided to adopt what they have called a 'trans-friendly' and 'inclusive' policy. This policy effectively entails the changing of gender-orientated language to suit the LGBT community, changing words such as 'breastfeeding' and 'breast milk' to 'chestfeeding' and 'human milk'. Maternity department staff at the Royal Sussex County Hospital are also being told to substitute 'mother' for 'birthing parent', as well as the department itself being renamed as the 'Perinatal Department' in order to refrain from referring to the natural bond between a mother and new-born which is 'maternity'. 


What better way to suppress identity than to strip away language - which is a huge aspect of identity - used to describe women. The same community that supports this 'inclusive' policy makes a huge fuss about which pronouns to call transgender or 'non-binary' people, yet when it comes to biological women, the right to identify as such is disregarded, because they do not form part of the trans-community. Therefore, how can this policy be in anyway 'inclusive' when it is fact the opposite. This demonstration of those in the medical profession bowing down to the minority - yet noisy - liberal left does not include everyone. It prioritises the political agenda of one tiny group for the sake of proving 'political correctness'. It is nothing other than pandering and virtue signalling to this community for the sake of saying 'look at us we're so progressive'! Politics should not even come into the healthcare and welfare of patients. 


The point being made is this: society can support transgender men and women. Anyone can and should support transgender men and women - but at what point does supporting the illiberal, intolerant, immature mob infringe on the rights and opportunities of biological women? These are the rights and opportunities fought for so greatly by the feminist movement of the previous century. As a man, I am not particularly affected by this movement personally, but as these minority voices become louder and more demanding, it seems it is women who are paying the price. 


Words have meanings. Words are powerful. I do not speak for women when I say this as I couldn't possibly do so, so I can only imagine how they would feel in this situation and honestly, I would feel degraded. Women are mothers. Women are breast-feeders. Women are not 'birth-givers'. To strip away the aspect of language as a part of gender identity is dehumanising. Some in the LGBT community choose to identify as 'non-binary', meaning they wish to substitute their male or female pronouns for more 'neutral' ones (they/them - as opposed to he/him or she/her). In a liberal, free society that is their right - but it is certainly not a right to demand and enforce that all must conform to their social theory which dilutes the meaning of gender for the majority of us. 


It is women who will pay the price in prisons, in womens' refuges, in sports and in toilets and changing rooms as anyone - regardless of whether they truly do so or not - can identify as 'transgender' and be unchallenged in doing so. This puts women at greater risk of physical abuse and lack of social opportunities and will surely have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. This policy idea also comes at a time when women are under attack for other areas of womanhood. No longer should we say that 'women' have periods but that 'people' have periods. Whilst it is true that those who identify as transgender men can menstruate because they are biological women, they are not biological men - a clear distinction must be made between (biological) men and transgender men, and (biological) women and transgender women. 


As conservative commentator, Darren Grimes, put in his coverage of this story: "[We] should stand up for the rights that women have fought for... and I for one, refuse to see [women] excluded so easily by an intolerant mob in the name of inclusivity."

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