The fracture of the modern left

By Isaac H 

"Nandy, Starmer and Long-Bailey, 2020 Labour Party leadership election hustings, Bristol" by Rwendland

An observation into the warring factions of the modern, western left and how it will hinder the entire ideology of socialism for many years to come.


In the modern era, especially with regards to British politics, the modern ‘left’ has taken many different forms. From the initially successful ‘New Labour’ which promised a ‘soft left approach’ under Tony Blair, to the regime posing as ‘old labour’ infiltrated with the radical left views and ideologies of Marxism, the alleged ‘party of the working class’ in the United Kingdom has almost entirely abandoned its roots. The divisive ideologies most present within Labour as of now would be centrist populism, Marxism and Communism and ‘woke’ liberalism presenting a clear divide within the party and the left on a national scale.


The centrist populism can most clearly be observed through the present leader of the Labour Party: Sir Keir Starmer. An incredibly tactical politician, Starmer has been able to voice every opinion possible on every government policy since his leadership of the party began, somehow managing to say everything and nothing on any topic. This approach has seen him rise dramatically in recent opinion polls as his approach of placing and removing support where necessary and making announcements days or even hours before government statements allows him to appeal to the demographics he sees as valuable and to appear ahead of the government in his decision-making. A recent example of opportunism would be his vote in favour of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal after spending his political career as an ardent ‘Remainer’ and advocate for the EU. There are potentially many factors which drove him towards the way in which he voted but what is undeniable is that as the man who was Shadow Brexit Secretary and author of the Labour Brexit plan, which arguably lost them the 2019 General Election, Starmer supported the deal in an opportunistic attempt to regain support in the former ‘red wall’ where - thanks to his Brexit plan - Labour lost multiple seats in 2019. Starmer could be excellently compared to President Biden as he represents a compromise between the ‘woke’, the hard-left Marxists and the soft-left appointing a candidate which promises to speak for all of them whilst actually speaking for none of them.


Whilst the Marxist rising within the Labour Party has been halted to a degree since the 2019 General Election, it is without question that there is still a radical left component of Keir Starmer’s ‘reformed’ Labour, primarily because he was on the front bench of the former regime. The backwards and genocidal ideology of Marxism came to an all time high with Labour during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn when the former Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, stood in the House of Commons and read from Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’. The head of Labour's economic policy stood and read from a book written by a genocidal communist responsible for the deaths of 45 million people in four years. Furthermore, the party was famously in the stranglehold of the far left ‘Momentum’ group preaching the redistribution of wealth and advocating radical ideals. Although it is a fact that the radical left occupation of the Labour Party under ‘Comrade Corbyn’ has been scaled back, the concept of a party with such radically hard-left elements ever being entrusted to govern is nothing but terrifying to the wealthy and working class alike. Fortunately, as a result of the present populist takeover, the extreme left components are currently without leadership or support on the frontbench. However, the constant risk of a communist takeover of the Labour Party is dangerous to the very democratic foundations of British democracy.


The final and most recent faction present within the Labour Party is the ‘woke’ liberal movement which has seen a drastic rise worldwide within the last few years. This aggressive side gave birth to ‘cancel culture’ which promoted the idea of destroying the lives and careers of those who contest or challenge the liberal stance. This was observed with celebrities on a major scale but more worryingly, a local scale when members of the public receive death threats and their place of work contacted because of a supposedly controversial statement or tweet made almost a decade ago. This was then fused with the Marxist ideologies present to create a hateful culture of media censorship and persecution for those who contend with ‘woke’ statements. Not only is this dangerous but it is also hypocritical as the left seems eager to bring up tweets made years ago but not concerned with the President Biden voting against the desegregation of schools during his time as a Senator and making remarks about a ‘racial jungle’.


Clearly, the left is currently subject to huge divides as a result of these factions emerging particularly in the UK and its Labour Party. Whilst the division is useful for the conservatives, the threat of such radical ideologies ever being given the governorship of the UK or indeed any country is utterly intolerable.

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