The SNP: Architects of Scottish decline

By Isaac H 

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An observation into the failings of the SNP.


There has always been a political divide between the people of Scotland and their southern, English neighbours. However, In the 20th century, we saw examples of unrelenting unity - such as on the battlefields of World War One and Two, where British soldiers fought side by side to protect the values of freedom and democracy. To this day the union between England and Scotland amongst all of the members of the United Kingdom remains essential and mutually beneficial. Despite this, in recent years, under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP has actively sought to destabilise the union and usher in an era of bitter contempt between the Scottish and English people whilst overseeing the general decline of standards in Scotland.


The ways in which the SNP has failed the people of Scotland since their election in 2007 cannot be quantified in one article. However, the primary, long-term damage can be observed in two main areas within the Scottish public services: Education and the NHS.


Firstly, Scottish education: accused of “failing an entire generation”, the SNP’s major failures with regards to education not only stem from declining grades and national standards but their attempts at hiding this failed education record. Scotland was once said to have the best education system in the world, whether or not that is the case, the Scottish education system certainly prided itself on having the best system in the UK. This is certainly not the case anymore.


The ‘Pisa Report’- which measures the educational performance of 15-year olds-worldwide - has displayed deterioration of the Scottish education service in recent years, with particular reference with regards to Maths and Science. Performance in Maths has slipped by two points, from 491 in 2016 to 489 in 2018, which is not as poor as the results for Science which dropped by seven points from 497 to 490 over the same course of time as reported by the BBC. During the reign of the SNP, what was once the pinnacle of the UK in terms of its education service now finds itself trailing behind England and Northern Ireland based on recent, exam-based evidence and not teacher assessed grades.


Secondly, the NHS in Scotland: the cataclysmic failure of the SNP, especially with regards to NHS Scotland, can be examined through multiple facts and statistics. Scotland was recently found to have more deaths per capita than any European country by a clear margin as the national records of Scotland display. Furthermore, an inquiry by Holyrood’s ‘Health and Sport Committee’ found a ‘lack of care’ with regard to the patients receiving medicine despite £1.8 billion being spent on drugs in 2019 alone. This damning inquiry also included 129 recommendations due to the Scottish Government’s ‘dismal failure to modernise NHS Scotland.’. The list does not stop there. The committee also found ‘profound failings’ in NHS Scotland’s IT systems, The Scotsman newspaper published an article entitled ‘Scotland’s NHS ‘financially unsuitable’ says watchdog’, and BBC news spoke about ‘Scottish NHS performance ‘continuing to decline’’. The Scottish cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport resigned in 2018 and her successor is under pressure to do the same. The failings of the SNP leadership of NHS Scotland over Covid-19 is enough to warrant another investigation into Sturgeon's failings as SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland itself.


It is clear that Sturgeon has handled the NHS terribly and whilst the SNP unrelentingly pursue the total myth of having to ‘protect the NHS from conservative privatisation’, what has become clear during their time in government is that NHS Scotland and the Scottish education service, alongside many other areas, need protection from Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

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