The 'New Conservative' collection: Ending the corporate status quo

By Zak Mudie 

"Statue of Liberty" by Koshyk

The end of the corporate status quo will shift the conservative image and British prosperity for the better. 


The devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear to Britain, that this Conservative Party is far from conservative. The inability to act, unprepared health services, inefficient government bureaucrats and finally complete and under disaster on private contracting has gave cause to demand for a new direction in the Conservative Party. There must be a reformed Conservative Party with new goals, new traditions, and a new image. There needs to be a new commitment to small business, anti-monopoly policy, patriotic education, and the establishment of a British identity based on the core traditions of freedom, patriotism and optimism. The ‘New Conservative’ collection is a short collection of four articles exploring these ideas to encourage a necessary shift to a newer Conservative Party.


Ending the corporate status quo

The corporate world of monopolies, oligopolies, duopolies, etc. is ever growing, and as it continues to grow, the governments influence on the British people will slowly decline and culture, specifically Conservative culture, will cease to exist as leftist corporate PR continues. Corporate status quo is the idea that success and economic growth will be dependent on the growth and expansion of corporate giants, which unfortunately seems to be the only option.  I have no issues with a corporation, I have issue with a monopolistic, duopolistic, or oligopolistic corporation. Killing the market, manipulating the market and fixing the market all go against the principles of a free market. A principal conservatives, especially the new right, need to take to heart is the principle of negative liberty. Freedom from government and corporate oppression.


Corporations, especially tech conglomerates, have huge amounts of influence and power on the individual, which isn’t good. Our lives are determined by the success and continued goodwill of these giants which have effectively limited the global markets to themselves or a few other competitors. The corporate status quo, which is now hammering down free markets, and in the case of the media hammering down on free speech, will be the end of Britain as the ever-reducing group of those with stock influence and power in these companies work closer and closer to ensure that their own wealth and power continues.


So, what’s the solution? The Conservative Party, the party which commits itself to pragmatism, tradition etc. is the only hope. However, it is not in anyway ready to take on this challenge. There are some key issues which need to be outright cut clean from the party, and these issues are what I believe are key to a freedom-based culture, and the end of the left’s iron clad grip on young people, which will result in far stronger election victories, both nationally and locally. Conservatives need to tackle the corporate status quo to enable a better Britain, but to also in the long run, to destroy the image of the Conservative Party as the party of the rich. This comes in a huge pan to small business owners.


While larger businesses and corporations may seem far more prevalent, or active in the Britain, the actual numbers suggest otherwise. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, the number of SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) was around 5.94 million at the start of 2020, this equated to 99.3% of total business and 99.9% of the business population. They accounted for three fifths of private sector employment and half of the turnover. The Federation of Small Businesses states these statistics from information gathered by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. British success is found in small business, the future of Britain is found in its SMEs.


Claiming the idea of the American Dream in a British fashion, should be the focus of the Conservative Party for the next few years, whereby we drastically reduce the minimum wage, regulations, and taxation for small business. The minimum wage is the kryptonite for small business. Small business jobs with low paying wages are not the jobs people should be taking to support families, so these jobs shouldn’t be paying appropriate wages to live on. Small business, especially small individual shops, are there for those who want small income and experience, specifically young people. By removing minimum wage barriers for small business, we can expect to see small businesses profit massively, which will turn into a cycle of success. Lower costs = more investments = larger profits = more investments = larger profits and so on.  


We need to then turn to the next step beyond one off shops, to small regional businesses. Opening up free ports is a great policy by the Conservative government. Free ports is what took Dubai from a struggling oil and gold-based economy to a hugely diverse trading post of the Middle East, due to the Jebel Ali free trade area. Free ports means cheaper resources for smaller businesses to drastically increase productivity and ramp up their supply. This of course will turn full circle which means better outcomes for small business, and better outcomes for workers in the local areas. In short, a pan to small businesses will help expand and enforce the free market, it will also inspire an American Dream-style British Dream of working for yourself and working to achieve a better life.


The party of the rich is the party which sits back and watches idly as the corporate world grows in wealth, influence and ultimately power. The United States should serve as a key example of the power of lobbyists, where corporate lobbyists keep politicians’ pockets lined and the businesses interests served. The modern Conservative Party has some issues with this, and it is often something exploited by opposition parties, especially in safe seats, where a leaflet or two is all it takes to keep the constituency voting Labour.


Driving home the Conservatives as the champion of the hard-worker the small business owner, not the corporate Conservative club, will scrub clean the image of the party of the rich and replace it with the party of the British worker, the British entrepreneur and most importantly the British Dreamer.

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