The instability caused by Trump has left a legacy of hate and further divide

By William Hallowell | Editor 

America is the most politically unstable it has been for years, and it is only going to get worse


The way in which now former President, Donald Trump, transformed politics in the US was not for the better. It was regressive. It was through his style of politics that he made a country so politically unstable both internally and externally. The childish manner in which he threated North Korea with his ‘big red button’, the way he almost led the US into a war with Iran and the reckless claims – and lies – he made, such as suggesting the possibility of injecting disinfectant into the body as a way of inoculating against Covid-19, was not the behaviour of a respectable statesman.


Many blame the media. Many believe in some Democrat conspiracy in which they – alongside the mainstream media – would plot to bring about his downfall. I do feel that the media were particularly harsh towards Trump, both in coverage in the US and UK – but he brought it upon himself. Much like his close friend Nigel Farage, both try to portray themselves as anti-establishment, free thinking, real people – not just another empty-shell politician. But Trump attacked the media actively in his quest to demonstrate how anti-establishment he was, and arguably, for that, he paid the price of losing the 2020 election.


Can you expect anything less? No. How can a (serious) politician believe that trying to take on the ‘fake news’ media, will further improve his or her image? If Boris Johnson behaved in the same unstatesman-like way that Trump did, the BBC would tear him apart. Even now, when he is trying his best to suppress the pandemic, we rarely have a positive news story regarding this Conservative government – it would only be worse if he set himself up as Trump did. 


Ultimately, Trump, himself, was his own undoing. He was treated a lot worse by the media than Biden was, but only because he constantly attacked them. Both Biden and Trump’s 60 Minute interviews were a demonstration of this, in the run up to the election. Trump spent his whole time arguing with his interviewer, attacking her personally and attacking the media – like a child who won’t admit to doing something wrong. Whereas, Biden was cool, calm and collected.


If Trump knows he will be given a hard time by the media, why would he deliberately give them the ammunition to shoot him down?


The way in which some Republicans behave – it’s almost as if Trump has his very own cult. With the MAGA hats and flags, Trump furthered political divide by making it so partisan. You’re either a Republican or Democrat and there is no in between. Sadly – and scarily – the UK is becoming even more like that, but we don’t have an idiotic and reckless president instigating it. However, for this Trump is not fully to be blame. America’s hard-left also had a part to play in weaponising race through the BLM movement. This caused riots and death nationwide.


Riots were also caused by Trump supporters at the Capitol. Some blame his semantic vocabulary about fighting and winning etc. – clearly some of his followers have taken it too literally. His absolutely baseless claims of a fraudulent election have not made matters better at all. He could say quite literally anything, and some of his supporters would follow him until the end – and whilst I completely condemn it, I can see exactly why Twitter took it upon themselves to ban his account. Party politics aside, it is unforgivable – but again he does it to himself.


Some are already talking of a Trump resurrection in 2024 – perhaps another attempt at power. Quite frankly, I think this is a load of nonsense, but the way his fans talk about him, you would think they were staging a revolution. They see him as some media martyr who they must defend out of loyalty and honour. It seems that this instability and lack ability to see the other side of the argument (on both the left and right) will result in things only getting worse in the US. 


Regardless of any subjective accomplishments throughout Trump's presidency, his legacy will be one of a man caused great political instability and bitter hatred on both sides for years to come. 

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