Normality will only be restored by everyone doing their bit in taking the Covid-19 vaccine

By William Hallowell | Editor

"Flu Shot" by Lance McCord 

Is there the viability of businesses requiring a vaccine passport to enter shops and pubs in order to help restore normality?


It seems that the only way to return to the pre-Covid era is to rollout the vaccination for Covid-19 on a national scale, provided to everyone. Alternatively, the country will only continue in the inevitable, painful cycle of a national lockdown, a tier system, then another lockdown.


It is ironic that the nutters who warn of ‘government tyranny’ and ‘oppression’ – the people who are desperate to return to normality – are  not willing to do anything to restore such a time. They say the vaccine is untrustworthy and that life should continue as normal whilst we shield the elderly and vulnerable. Yet, can they not see that the longer they continue to have anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination protests, the more need the Government has to put the country in lockdown again? It seems ironic that these ardent sceptics have never worked in the health sector either, let alone been on the frontline since March.


Having just reached the milestone for three million vaccinations, the idea of a domestic passport to prove an individual has had the vaccine, and therefore can have more freedom to go to the pub and go to the shops, has become increasingly prevalent. This is a good idea. The Government cannot and should not force the public to take the vaccine; that is the right of an individual to decide in a liberal democracy; but that doesn’t mean to say that those who choose to abstain from the vaccine aren’t selfish or ill-informed, because they are. The only excuse to not take the vaccine is on the grounds of medical reasons (such as anaphylaxis).


If one doesn’t want to take the vaccine that’s their decision, but they must deal with the consequences. I’ll assume if one doesn’t want to have the vaccine, one doesn’t want to go to the pub. However, this should not be a compulsory government policy for all businesses. Those that want to see their livelihoods thrive again will take on the policy, and those who don’t, don’t have a reason not to; although the Government has more of a reason to make this a compulsory policy for businesses in hospitality that serve alcohol, and understandably so.


Despite this, I doubt the Government would take on such a policy because despite what the cynics say, Boris Johnson is not an authoritarian at heart, but a more liberal, progressive Conservative. Perhaps what we need in this climate is not a liberal, but more of an authoritative figure.


Ironically though, it is those who complain of government oppression and those who demand a return to the pre-Covid era, who are the most the dangerous; they are holding up the progression towards returning to normality. Reckless, selfish celebrities who should be role models, such as actor Laurence Fox, told people on social media that they should do what they want at Christmas. Ignore the Government. Ignore the rules. Be selfish. I backed the PM’s decision to cancel the easing of restrictions over the Christmas period because all it would have taken was one member of staff at a care home to return on 27 December to result in tens of deaths. This is a position that I still whole-heartedly take.


Don’t want to take the vaccine? Fine, but accept you can’t enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of society – the people who are actively seeking to do their bit to return to some level of normality.

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