Piers Morgan: From loathed to loved in the space of a pandemic

By William Hallowell | Editor 

"Piers Morgan" by Digitas Photos 

Morgan has sought to change his public perception – from politically ‘incorrect’ anti-vegan to NHS hero and Tory hater


Piers Morgan is not party-politically driven, as you could argue other political commentators are. I have always found it hard to pin-point where on the political spectrum he lies, and with which party – seemingly he doesn’t have one.


He self-admittedly voted for Thatcher, but also for Blair – it is therefore plausible to suggest that he is also not ideologically driven. Most other commentators make it clear what and who they stand for.


Piers Morgan is driven by egotism. He feeds off the controversy he creates and the fears he instills in liberals. He adores the attention, good or bad. When these lunatics start a futile petition demanding his head from ITV, he plays along with it – he invites a strong advocate for this petition onto GMB.


Whilst I find myself agreeing to most of what he has to say in regards to social issues, he is a poor excuse for a journalist – he is undignified and immoral. He showed no remorse for his part to play in the phone-hacking scandal and he was implicated in publishing staged photos of supposed British soldiers torturing Iraqis. He is a legend in his own mind, but in reality, just a man who rants and rages at all who oppose. For someone who claims to hate liberals, he certainly acts like one. Suitably so, Good Morning Britain should be renamed ‘The Piers Morgan Show: I Shout, You Shut Up’.


Morgan does not behave like a journalist – he is not fair, impartial or dignified towards interviewees (who he personally disagrees with).  He shouts and repeats a question over and over – but of course, he doesn’t want the answer. He wants to show Britain how 'right' he is! Nothing is more demonstrative of this than has attitude towards this Conservative government, throughout the pandemic. Granted, weaklings of the cabinet, such as Matt Hancock, don’t help themselves (or the government) – they make it too easy for Morgan by repeatedly attempting to dodge the same, repeated question; but rather than making a subtle remark and moving onto another point, he relentlessly attacks the individual, shouting the same question. Is this really the behaviour of a professional or fair (even if not impartial) journalist?


Morgan has seized the opportunity of this pandemic to change his public image – he knows of his controversial reputation, and so he has used his one-man anti-Boris campaign to virtue signal – to appeal to the British public. He is the twenty-first century equivalent of a flagellant during the Black Death. Watching him on television just screams ‘look at me I hate the Tories!’. Well done, Piers, for your total originality. It’s not as if you’re jumping on the anti-Boris bandwagon to further your own ego or increase your public support is it?


With his egocentric agenda, he has relentlessly attacked this government throughout the course of this pandemic. You could say he was doing his job – holding the government to account. I call it populist narcissism.


Again, nothing demonstrates this more than his persistent and overdone praising of the NHS – to instrument the NHS is populism. Vote Leave did it in 2016. Labour did it in 2019. Nothing says ‘I’m an amazing person’ more than showing off how much you adore our beloved NHS. Morgan condemns anti-lockdown protesters, he condemns anti-mask protesters and he condemns anyone who breaks lockdown restrictions – and I praised this, until he was caught not wearing a mask in a taxi…


Morgan is a populist and a hypocrite. He is not party-bound. He is not ideologically driven. He is driven by his own sickening – and cringeworthy – ego. 

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